Wings 3D Plugin Files

You can download the Wings 3D files from the links below.

Wings 3D Plugin Source

Wings 3D Plugin (1 of 2)

Wings 3D Plugin (2 of 2)

Wings 3D Advanced Topology Templates

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44 Responses to Wings 3D Plugin Files

  1. Corey says:

    I have tried to download the plugin today and have came across a problem. In the “wpc_sculpty_080707a1-of-2″ fold you have a shortcut to the plugin folder so it does not work because it is looking for a folder that is not there, just a shortcut.

  2. Corey says:

    Nevermind I’m dumb… lol

  3. Karl Mitchell says:

    I just tried installing the plugin to the new Wings 3D 1.3.1, for Mac OS X, and after a quit and restart the import and export options still weren’t there. I tried the same procedure with version 1.2 and it worked, suggesting something has changed. Any suggestions?

  4. Omei Turnbull says:

    Hi Karl. In version 1.2 of Wings, they made changes to the plugin architecture. As a result, the last version of Wings that the exporter works with is 1.1. You can still get this, along with other versions, at

    Hope that helps.

  5. Karl Mitchell says:

    Well, that’s strange, because I had the importer/export working on and 1.2 under Mac OS X 10.6.1.
    Any chance there will be an update for the 1.3.1 version?

  6. Omei Turnbull says:

    Hm. Now I’m puzzled. I looked into why 1.2 under Windows didn’t work, and it looked to me like they had made an intentional change in the how exporters needed to work. I just assumed it was a permanent change. But maybe they had enough complaints about incompatible plug-ins that they are attempting to improve the backwards compatibility.

    With my current priorities, I don’t think I’ll be upgrading it any time soon. But the source code is available for anyone who wants to do it. The main complication is that Wings plug-ins must be written in Erlang, which is not one of the more widely known programming languages.

  7. D.R. says:

    Broken. Doesn’t even work in 1.1.16. Avoid at all costs.

  8. Omei Turnbull says:

    Hi, D.R. The Wings developers use a different version numbering convention than LL does. Version 1.1.16 was the last developer’s release leading up to the 1.2 release candidate. So it had all the changes made after release 1.1 was completed. This, of course, included the plug-in architecture change that was released as part of the stable version 1.2. The release you want is simply 1.1, with no third digit.

    Hope that helps.

  9. read more says: Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

  10. Does anyone know if we can do 8×128 or 4×256 sculpts in wings with this plugin and if there are any templates around for these shapes?

  11. Omei Turnbull says:

    Unfortunately, Nebadon, the plugin was written a long time ago and doesn’t handle the newer non-square sculpties. But the source is available, for anyone who is willing to invest some time into learning a bit of Erlang.

  12. Caia Naxos says:

    Do I understand correctly that we shouldn’t be using version 1.4 of Wings3D if we want to create sculpts for SL, because the exporter plugin isn’t compatible with that version of Wings? Without adding any plugins, I don’t see an export to .bmp format available.

  13. Omei Turnbull says:

    That’s correct, Caia. The most recent stable Wings release that the plugin works with is 1.1, which you can get from the Wings Sourceforge archive at

  14. Georg Rehfeld says:

    Look at this Wings3D forum thread: . Someone recompiled the plugin and it seems to work, even in the very newest Wings3D 1.4.1 version. At least for me it produces colored *.bmp files, that look like other sculpty bitmaps I’ve seen. I used some of the templates from the above downloads and the export plugin from the link mentioned in the thread. Note, that I’m not involved in SL/sculpty at all, so the only thing I can tell you: they look plausible to me. You have to test, if they really work (and probably report success/failure in the Wings3D thread).

    Note, that the “wpc_sculpty.beam” file should be copied to the path “C:/program files/wings3d_/lib/wings-/plugins/import_export/”. The *.erl file is the source and not needed (unless you know Erlang and want to maintain the exporter). Regards, Georg

  15. diddle says:

    thankyou omei, georg, and all. i’m lucky to have found this update just when i decided to try sculpties again :)

    just trying to get a deformed cylinder though, it shows in secondlife’s ‘upload > image > preview > sculpty’ perfectly, but didn’t work in-world. i guess it still could be exported as .obj then converted somehow. i tried one obj2sculpt converter which says ’10432 of 16384 pixels are bad’. oh dear.

    wing’s has an elegance to it that i’m pleased is of use for sculpties now. let’s hope it stays that way!

  16. Omei Turnbull says:


    Georg, thank you for your post! It’s taken awhile, but I have now confirmed that through the effort of a number of people, there is a new version of the exporter that works with the current and recent version of Wings (back to version 1.2). Pavcules incorporated it into the download files above (in the “Wings 3D Plugin (1 of 2)” archive). The source file itself is not changed.

    Kudos to Jove Chiere for getting things started, oort of the Wings 3D team for rebuilding the plugin with the new build environment and making it available,
    Georg for bringing it to my attention, and of course Pavcules for mainting a Web presence for it all these years.


  17. Omei Turnbull says:

    diddle, if SL’s import preview looks good, but you don’t get what you expect in SL, your problem is almost certain to be a generic SL issue, not specific to the exporter. SL’s Builders forum used to have plenty of people willing to help out with sculpty problems and I would guess that is still so.

    Good luck, and have fun!

  18. Charlie says:

    Great plugin Omei!, works a treat for what it does. Only thing I wish it can do is to export a wider range of sculpty sizes.. i.e. it can import a sculpt of 256×4 or 16×64 but once you have this you cannot then export it as the ‘Unsupported mesh size’ message appears :( Is it a simple change to add this, or not ?

  19. Shannon says:

    Hey, I tried installing the plugin, but it just tells me “permission denied”. How do you install the plugin?

  20. Omei Turnbull says:

    Charlie – I’m not likely to have the time in the near future to bring the plugin up to date with the various changes made to sculpties over the last couple of years. Sorry :-( But the source code is available for anyone who wants to.

    Shannon – Have you looked at the SL Wiki writeup, specifically ?

  21. Shannon says:

    Yup. Still doesn’t work worth a#%#$.

    Every time I try to export, it tells me “mesh size is not supported”.

    I’ve even created a sphere, and tried to export it with NO alterations. “Mesh size is not supported”.

    Can’t say I’m impressed.

  22. Omei Turnbull says:

    Shannon, I’m glad you were able to get it installed. Since you’re now getting hung up on the “unsupported mesh size” error, I can suggest a couple of things.

    1) Notice that in step 2 of the “Basic sculpty creation in Wings” section, that if you start with a sphere, it has to be one of a few specific dimensions. To create a sphere of a specific dimensions, right click on the background, then instead of clicking on the menu text for Sphere, click on the box to the right of the text. This box is Wings’ convention for “more opotions”.

    2) The current best practice for creating a sculpty appears on a different wiki page, . Starting with one of the templates means you don’t have to worry about as many details.

    3) If you haven’t noticed them yet, see the and

    Hope that helps.


  23. Seph DaSilva says:

    Oort, in the official Wings3d forums, was kind enough to recompile (?) the exporter. It works in the latest (1.41) version now, and is available here:

  24. Morgaine Christensen says:

    Seph….Thank you for the updated link to the plug in. I couldn’t get the old plug-in to work with the old version listed above on my Mac. Being like new born babe in the woods to 3D modeling the biggest frustration is when you want to maybe try something and it doesn’t work the way it should.

    Again, thanks!

  25. Jsitek says:

    Okay call me an idiot. There is one thing missing from all this blather which is how to install the plugins into wings3d.

  26. Lita says:

    I wish you would have told waht you figured out to fix that. I too am having trouble getting the sculpt export to show up in WINGS :/ I’m using the latest version of everything. the erl file isn’t under options from the menu to ‘install plug in”, so I’m out of ideas? Help?

  27. Giorgi says:

    Im having that same problem :( (

  28. Omei Turnbull says:

    Jsitek, the main documentation for the plugin is on the SL wiki. In particular, see
    “File/Install Plug-in” is what you want.

  29. Morgaine Christensen says:

    It’s sad there are not very many Wings tutorials specifically for SL. And, really not that many out there for Wings itself.

  30. Vaughan Vendetta says:

    Hey Omei – I don’t know if you check this very often but I have a bit of a problem with a sculpt in Wings here and maybe you could help.

    What I did was take a 32×31 sphere (992 polygons, 952 edges, 962 vertices, no holes) and shape it into a piece for a coat I was making.

    Well, the shape needs to be symmetrical so I figured that I could just cut the model in half and mirror it and it would export nicely. I got the model to the same exact attributes as it originally was after cutting it in half and mirroring it, but when I exported the shape, the sculpty map was all messed up.

    I wish I knew what went wrong here because (as far as I can tell) the model has the exact and proper attributes for a sculpty.

    Hope you can help, and thanks,


  31. Ralph says:

    If you are getting the “Permission denied” error message when trying to install the plugin on a Windows system (as I did), you might want to try out to run Wings3d as Aministrator.

    I didn’t find this tip on anywhere I googled yet, so I thought it’d be worth mentioniong. Just pointing people to a menu option that then produces an error message isn’t exactly helpful and bound to lead to frustration. ;)

  32. Omei Turnbull says:

    P.S. I don’t know why the three links got so messed up, but I don’t seem to be able to edit the post to fix them. All three links go to (different sections of) the same page, so hopefully it won’t be a big problem.

  33. Aaron says:

    is there anyway to export as sculpty by selecting all the objects at once?

  34. Omei Turnbull says:

    Aaron – No, the exporter only works on one object at a time.

  35. Lady Magdalene says:

    Hello, I found the plugins useful except the fact I cant get the advance menu in the advance menu that you find under preference. For some reason the check box for it isnt there so i wonder if I installed the plugin wrong or maybe its because i am using 1.4.1 instead of the older verison. I am looking into the SL wiki for Wings 3D as we speak so I am hoping to find what i need there. Any suggestions would really help thanks

  36. Mischa Tchailenov says:

    I have looked at this entire chat, and tried both 1.4 and 1.1 viewers and I still can’t get them to install properly. Is there something that I’m missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  37. Steve Duvall says:

    OK so im really liking wings 3d but I am having a problem, I import a known good sculpt i created in world and would like to edit to make it better with wings 3d, I have read everything on the web I can find with The plugins etc! So here is what I find on the WIKI and I can only imagine that this is what I am running into. QUOTE from WIKI is
    “Unsupported Mesh Size” message when you export. You probably overlooked the restrictions on the use of Wings commands. Start with one of the templates supplied with the exporter, and don’t use Wings commands that change the number of vertices. The other possibility is that you imported a sculpty bitmap with an unsupported size. The importer will allow you to do that without any warning, but the exporter won’t be able to handle it. This is most likely to occur if you import a 128×128 bitmap, which the exporter does not know how to export. (The exporter can create a 128×128 bitmap from a lower resolution model, but that option exists only as a workaround for historical problems with compression artifacts.) ”

    My question is how do I work around this problem or is there a patch to deal with this, I am using 1.4 and I have the recompiled plugin from PKP pounce installed, the templates export just fine but it would defeat my purpose to recreate in wings what i want to edit that I made in world. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  38. Steve Duvall says:

    The sculpty is a 32×128 I for got to mention.

  39. Steve Duvall says:

    ok I done an experiment, I edited the attributes of the sculpt map to 64×64, it did save the sculpt map this time when exported so If any one runs into this same problem change the attributes of your sculpt to 64×64 its the size of the image, the sculpt is still represented the same when imported as long as the image fills the same area, no white spaces in your image!

  40. Matias says:

    I love wings3d. My problem is that I can’t export the sculpties because I can’t install the plugin. When I I download the plugin files, unzip them, I go to the wings3d file menu and install plugins.

    When I select the wpc_sculpty.beam file, it gives me an error message:
    Install of “wpc_sculpty.beam”failed: read-only file system”

    Please help me, I tried to look everywhere, but can’t find help on this issue.

  41. Matias says:

    When I downloaded the wings3d software, I would load the program from a virtual drive that the mac does automatically. The reason why I would get a read only error is because you can’t paste or edit the image file because its like a cd, its read only. So what I did was to copy the application from the virtual folder and put into my applications folder. Now its “write able” and not just read only.

    This has now worked, now I see the secondlife sculpty plugin when I want o export.

  42. Steve says:

    Matias would help to know what your operating system is, also have you tried starting wings as administrator if you are using windows!

  43. Steve says:

    ok awesome you got it working sorry i didn’t see this post!

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